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You will need to use this cheat first: Link to Cash Cheat

Well, thanks to comments by janeytang and the Vietnamese community, you can easily gain coins by purchasing the Large Eco box (150 coins) using the Cash Cheat v2. Open the Eco box. Sell whatever item that comes out of the Eco box for 2499 coins.

  1. Start the Cash Cheat v2 
  2. Purchase Large Eco Box at 150 coins. Purchase 99. Use a mouse recorder to spam click for you.
  3. Open all 99 Boxes (you have to open them all or they will become Win or Lose boxes)
  4. Sell the items that comes out of the box at 2499coins. Use a mouse recorder to spam click for you.
    99x2499= 247,401 coins each cycle. < Join my fanpage to learn awesome maths like this
Well, these are for people who do not have much coins but I believe many of us here have millions right?

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