Restaurant City Cheat // Rubbish Cheat

On a sidenote, I will do my best in updating the latest cheats for all you people

Click image to play.

I used:
  • firefox
  • ce 5.5
  • rc tools (download) Password: jackal
  • flash 9
1) Go into Restaurant City.
2) Select firefox as process for CE 5.5
3) Scan "0000D49189D32B" (4bytes, asrom, hex)
4) 1 address returned. Paste the address into the rc tool. If no address returned, try picking up a rubbish first.
5) Click on get code, and paste the entire thing into your cheat engine. Tick the box to activate rubbish.
6) Pick up ONLY 30 RUBBISH
7) Click on redecorate and move a furniture to allow the game to save.
8) Continue step 6 and 7.
Have fun. Credits to Lhady aka happyprincess.

Note: You can use the RC tool posted in this post for other cheats like fast cook. Values can be found in my previous post. Have fun trying out the values.

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