God Bless!

To all my Philippine readers, hope you guys aren't badly affected by the recent typhoon. God Bless!

And Indonesia just had an earthquake.. i felt the tremors about 30mins ago. Hope nobody got hurt!

How to know if you're addicted to facebook games

Credits: Jewel

Just for laughs. Oh, and check out the latest cheat, Island Paradise EXP+COINS, just below this post.

Island Paradise Cheat // Exp + Coin

Firstly, click to Play Island Paradise

You will need:
  • firefox 3.5.3
  • ce 5.5
  • Value to scan [download] It's by CK, so i just want to make sure there's referral for him hence the need to download his text file

  1. Go into Island Paradise
  2. Harvest a plant. (As this cheat is a little buggy, i feel that it is better to have some plants READY for harvest first)
  3. Go into CE, select firefox as process. Tick HEX, 8 bytes, ASROM
  4. Scan the value in the textfile you just downloaded. (Link above)
  5. You should see TWO addresses. Right click the TOP address.
  6. Disassemble it and 3 lines down, you will see "jmp XXXXXX"
  7. Right click this "jmp XXXXXXX" and select 'Replace with code that does nothing'
  8. Click OK.
  9. Now harvest another plant. If done correctly, you should see the coins and exp increasing.
  10. When it has stopped increasing, wait for at least 10 secs to allow the auto save. Then reload your game. You should see the new $ and exp.
  11. Repeat steps again if you want more exp+coins. Just click File > New whenever you encounter an error with "Replace with code that does nothing"
As i mentioned, it's a little buggy. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesnt. Just refresh/reload the game if it isnt working. And yes, the cheat is working. oh and make sure you use the cheat on harvesting only. Planting/plowing works too but the money will be decreasing

Pet Society Fun Cheat // Something to do if you're BORED

Firstly, click to Play Pet Society

This is NOT a coin or paw points cheat. It's just something for you to do if you want to have a laugh or feeling bored.

You will probably need flash 9 for this.

  1. Select browser as your cheat engine's process
  2. Tick hex, asrom, 8bytes
  3. Scan "438B0000012C8D0F"
  4. 1 address returned. Disassemble it.
  5. Change the jnl to jmp.
  6. Watch your pet society go TECHNO FUNKY.

Mafia wars Godfather points

Mafia Wars Godfather points giveaway

Free Godfather Points

And RUSSIA is out! have fun collecting the tiger loots and deciding between the Vory and the Mafiya.

HomeInn Cheats // Money + Item Clone

Firstly, click to Play HomeInn

You will need:
  • firefox
  • ce 5.5 (download links can be found at Useful Downloads in the menu)
  1. Select firefox as ce5.5 process.
  2. Scan amount of money you have currently.
  3. Lots of addresses will be found.
  4. Spend some of the money.
  5. NEXT SCAN amount of money now.
  6. 1 address left (if there are more than 1 address, repeat steps 4-5)
  7. Double click the address. Change value to 999999. This amount will not be saved but the items you buy will be saved.
  8. ie: Buy 4 10k bed
  9. Put all the 4 in the Warehouse.
  10. NEW SCAN "4" in ce 5.5
  11. Shift 1 of the bed into the room. You will have 3 bed left in the warehouse.
  12. NEXT SCAN "3"
  13. Repeat Steps 11 and 12. (next scan the current number of bed left. example: 2 bed=next scan 2. 1 bed=next scan 1.)
  14. Once you have 1 address remaining, that is the address you want!
  15. Double click it, change the value to 100.
  16. Start dragging the beds into your room or to sell them. Have Fun!
The items should not disappear... Only the Green Jewel items will disappear.. Normal cash items remains. You are probably doing it wrongly :(

View the video tutorial by one of our readers. Sonya/lollipop!

Pet Society Cheat // Playfish Cash Cheat [no longer working]

Firstly, click to Play Pet Society

This BLUE COINS CHEAT is for fun only. You can purchase the items, put them in your rooms and take photos with them. BUT items will disappear after reloading. So just take photos and show them off to your friends :p

HOWEVER!!! buy the cash fish bait. THE FISHES CAN BE SAVED!
Credits HIN0426 and youon9

I used:
  • firefox
  • ce 5.5
  • flash 9

[PATCHED] hope you guys had fun while it lasted.
  1. Go into Pet Society. Buy a Cash Item from the Cash Shop.
  2. Messages pops out saying 'You have no cash'
  3. Select firefox as ce5.5's process. Tick hex, 4bytes, asrom
  4. Scan "89D068000000C1E9"
  5. Many addresses returned. Ignore the green color addresses. Check only the black ones.
  6. Disassemble the black color addresses to find ONE address with these lines:
    jmp xxxxxx
    push xxxxxx
    push xxxxxx
    (hint: it seems to be the address at the bottom, just work from bottom up)
  7. You should only see 1 address with jmp, push, push. With the line 'jmp xxxxxx' selected, Press DELETE (on your keyboard). Click OK
  8. Now try to purchase a cash item again. This time, a "PLEASE WAIT" message appears. Followed by a "No Cash" message.
  9. Now NEW SCAN "D06800000239850F"
  10. Ignore the green addresses again. Disassemble the black addresses to find ONE address with these lines:
    jne xxxxxx
    push xxxxxx
    push xxxxxx
    (hint: it seems to be the address at the bottom, just work from bottom up)
  11. Selecting jne xxxxxx, press DELETE. Click OK
  12. Now you can buy all the cash items =D
  13. Remember not to reload the game before taking your photos!! Or they will disappear. And GO FISHING NOW! That's the only cash items that remains after reload.

PS: Sorry about the Island Paradise EXP cheat. Seems like they had it patched alr. That's really fast though :s

Pet Society Cheat // Exp Cheat by Patiniox

Firstly, click to Play Pet Society

You will need:
  • firefox
  • ce 5.5
  • flash 9
  1. Go into Pet Society.
  2. Buy an apple.
  3. Select firefox in cheat engine. Tick hex, 8bytes, ASROM
  4. Scan "110FF2D045590FF2"
  5. 1 address returned. Copy the address and paste in the generator below.
  6. Type in your current paw points, select the level you want and click Enviar
  7. Now when u buy an apple, you will level up to the level you chose.
  8. Note: If you're already lvl 47, Do Not type in 'My Paw Point'. Just select 'Lvl-47' and you will gain 420,000 paw points.

Country Story // Got banned?

Firstly, click to Play Country Story

Getting the error messsage coz you have too many plots of land? Follow my steps to fix it!

  1. Go into Country Story.
  2. Immediately disconnect your internet b4 the error message pops out.
  3. Now go to decorate > special > drag the remove plot icon onto the land that you want to remove.
  4. If a pop up saying that you have no connection, do you wish to retry?. Click 'NO'
  5. Remove the plots till a reasonable amount, then RECONNECT your internet. Do a couple of farming, seeding, watering and save your game.
  6. You'll no longer have the error message! =D (if the error still appears, remove more land)
credits: bji66

Super Import Nights

Sharing with you guys Super Import Nights held at Singapore Expo on the 18-21st Sep 2009. Hot cars and Hot race queens. Ignore the guy thanks ;p

Roller Coaster Kingdom FAST EXP+COIN cheat

Firstly, click to Play RCK

You will need:
  • browser
  • flash 9 (didnt try on flash 10)
  • rck tool [download]
  1. Open rckTOOL
  2. Go into RCK in facebook
  3. Click "?" button to make coin cheat
  4. Click "???" button to make exp cheat
  5. HAVE FUN =D
  6. IT IS THAT SIMPLE. do not require WPE pro anymore. SEE VIDEO IF UNSURE
Stop saying it doesn't work. It WORKS! Its just that YOU do NOT know how to make it WORK. I have done it on 2 different accounts and both works fine. For exp, make sure you visit a friend. Watch the values on the rckTool. Once it found the addresses for coin and exp, the number 0 will start increasing.

Country Story // New EXP + COIN cheat [18SEP]

Firstly, click to Play Country Story

You will need:
  1. In countrystory, water a plant to gain exp and coin
  2. Select browser as process in CE 5.5, tick HEX, 8bytes, ASROM
  3. Scan "000000808F8BC103" and paste the address in the generator below this post
  4. Scan "4589F05589EC558B" and paste the address in the generator below this post
  5. Click 'enter' in generator
  6. Copy everything and paste in the workspace of Cheat Engine (the area where you double click an address and it goes there)
  7. Tick the line "Dont Expect too much"
  8. Now watch as you water a plant. You will gain coins and exp per click.
  9. Use the mouse recorder to automate the clicking.
  10. HAVE FUN

Restaurant City Cheat // More Workers!

Firstly, click to Play Restaurant City

I used:
  • firefox
  • ce 5.5
  • flash 9

  1. Go hire a friend. If you have max staff already, just try to hire and ignore the popup message.
  2. In CE, tick hex, 8bytes, ASROM
  3. Scan
    "F18B0000010E8F0F" (flash player 9)
    "F18B000001138F0F" (flash player 10)
  4. 1 address found. Disassemble this memory region.
  5. Change the "jg" into "jmp"
  6. Start hiring. You should be able to hire till 17 workers.
  7. Remember to save! Or it may crash and you have to redo again.

Plock on Facebook Cheat

Firstly, click to Play Plock

You will need:
  • firefox
  • ce 5.5
  • flash 9
  1. Select firefox as process in CE
  2. Play Plock and get some points first (ie: 400)
  3. Scan 400 in CE (Double value, Tick Also Scan Read Only)
  4. A few addresses will appear
  5. Go back to Plock and get more points (ie: increase to 600)
  6. Next scan 600
  7. 2 address left
  8. Edit both values to any score you want. Max is 5million.

Pet Society Cheat // Unlimited visit

Firstly, click to Play Pet Society

Credits SPKYE

You will need:
  • firefox
  • ce 5.5
  • flash 9
  1. Visit a friend in pet society
  2. Go to CE 5.5, choose firefox as process, Tick hex, 8 bytes, ASROM
  3. Scan "598b00000938840f"
  4. 1 address returned. Disassemble it.
  5. You will see this line 'JE XXXXXX' (xxxxxx = random numbers)
  6. Scroll up 4 lines and you will see ANOTHER 'JE XXXXXX'
  7. Right click this lline and choose 'Replace with code that does nothing'
  8. Go back to CE and NEW SCAN this value "538b00000020850f"
  9. 1 address returned. Disassemble it.
  10. You will see this line 'JNE XXXXXX'
  11. Now go visit your friends. Repeat visits will still get you 20coins. Rmb to use a mouse recorder to automate the clicking. (download link for mouse recorder can be found in 'Useful downloads' in my menu.

Pet Society Cheat // Auto Poo picker = Coins cheat

Firstly, click to Play Pet Society

Auto poo picker by patinox and maxiducoli.

You will need :
  1. Follow rainbow poo generator instructions here [poo steps]

  2. Once your pet starts pooping rainbow poop, open the sacacacas poo bot

  3. Click 'Jugar' and a red box will appear. Select the area where your rainbow poo is.
    hint: this red box will be the area where the mouse pointer will AUTO click your poo

  4. You can either speed up the poo+click process by adjusting the 'Inervalo de tiempo'

  5. Remember to put lots of food and a BRUSH. This allows you to sleep while leaving the auto poo bot to run throughout the night. The pet will eat and make himself happy automatically.
Have fun!

Restaurant City Cheat // Ultimate RC patcher

Firstly, click to Play Restaurant City

Credits: PIAIP for this amazing tool, lemongraphic for sharing

I used:

  • firefox
  • flash 9
  • PIAIP restaurant city cheat (download)


  1. Just go into restaurant city
  2. Select the cheats that you want to use in PIAIP
  3. Select the browser you're using
  4. Click patch
  5. Have fun!
It gives you Unlimited Stamina, Fast cook, Fast waiter, Fast customer, And Customers don't need toilets.

Why use this patcher? Coz you do NOT need to scan any values. Just run RC, run the patch and viola, you are done. But you will need a high spec computer with sufficient RAM to run it for long period of time


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Pet Society Cheat // Rainbow / Golden Poo cheat by SPYKE

Firstly, click to Play Pet Society

You will need
  • flash 9
  • firefox
  • ce 5.5 (all can be downloaded in 'Useful Downloads' in the menu
  • Poo maker by spkye (download)

Make sure your pet's hunger bar and happiness bar is MAXED and your pet is dirty. AT LEAST 2 flies
  1. In cheat engine, tick hex, 8bytes, ASROM
  2. Scan "458BE845893C408B"
  3. 1 address returned. If there're 2, use the top address.
  4. Copy the address and paste in the Poo Maker
  5. Click Generate (1st step) in the Poo Maker
  6. Copy out the normal poo code
  7. In Cheat Engine, dissassemble the address and press "CTRL-A"
  8. Paste the normal poo code and click execute
  9. Now NEW SCAN the other 2 values in the Poo maker
  10. Paste the respective addresses in the Poo maker textfield
  11. Click Generate (2nd step)
  12. In Cheat Engine, dissassemble the last address you scanned and press "CTRL-A"
  13. Paste the special poo code and click execute
  14. Now watch as the rainbow/golden poo starts coming in.

Island Paradise Cheat // "Meteor" Coin Cheat [NO LONGER WORKIN]

Firstly, click to Play Island Paradise, subscribe and rate my videos too!

I used:
  • flock / firefox
  • ce 5.5
  • flash 9 (all download links can be found at Useful Downloads in the menu)
  1. Go into Island Paradise
  2. Select firefox/flock as CE's process
  3. Value 4bytes, Do NOT have to tick anything. Scan for value of current coins.
    ie: 100 coins, scan 100.
  4. Multiple addresses returned.
  5. Spend some coins.
  6. NEXT SCAN new value of coins.
  7. 1 address left. Copy out the address.
  8. Open the Calculator that comes with your computer.
  9. Select scientific for calculator mode.
  10. Tick HEX and DWORD
  11. Paste the copied address into the calculator (edit, paste)
  12. Now MINUS "A8"
  13. Copy the new address in the calculator (edit, copy)
  14. Back in CE, paste this new address in the previous coin address.
  15. Change the value to 99999, freeze it! as seen in the video, i forget to freeze initially and it wouldn't work
  16. Now have fun buying "M" coins items! Ignore the NO MONEY popup as usual. The item will appear when you go back to your island after clicking "Send Gifts".

Credits: 擦肩而過

Island Paradise Cheat // normal Coin Cheat [NO LONGER WORKING]

Firstly, click to Play Island Paradise, subscribe and rate my videos too!

I used:
  • flock / firefox
  • ce 5.5
  • flash 9 (all download links can be found at Useful Downloads in the menu)
  1. Go into Island Paradise
  2. Select firefox/flock as CE's process
  3. Value 4bytes, Do NOT have to tick anything. Scan for value of current coins.
    ie: 100 coins, scan 100.
  4. Multiple addresses returned.
  5. Spend some coins.
  6. NEXT SCAN new value of coins.
  7. 1 address left. Change the value to 999999. Tick FREEZE.
  8. Now go into shop, you will notice the value of coins at 999999.
  9. Buy a $250 chick. If a box pops up saying you do not have sufficient coins, IGNORE IT.
  10. Continue buying chick and placing on the island. (You will keep getting "NO MONEY TO BUY", ignore it)
  11. You buy Coconut trees at $252 too. And place them around the island.
  12. Now click on Neighbours.
  13. Click back on Play.
  14. You will notice all the trees and chicks that you have purchased suddenly appear.
  15. Have fun!

Credits: 擦肩而過

[no longer working] Mafia Wars News // New Labour Day loots + Add Mafia Glitch

Firstly, click to play
Mafia Wars

Update // New Mafia Wars Glitch found.
"Magic Link" to add people into your mafia WITHOUT being friends with them


CHANGE THE friend_id to your facebook id to make your own Magic Link.
ie: friend_id="your facebook number id"

credits to Top Mafia Group

Get these loots quick!!

Farmville Tip // Standing still to harvest

Firstly, click to play Farmville

Anybody can do this. Just get your character stuck and continue clicking to plow, harvest, anything. You will no longer have to wait for him to walk to the spot.

Credits : Jingzzz.blogspot.com

Pet Society Cheat // EXP cheat

Firstly, Click to PLAY Pet Society

I used CE 5.5, firefox, flash 9

1. Play ball/frisbee (stop at 3 is enough)

2. Select firefox as process in CE, tick hex, 8bytes, ASROM

3. Scan "544F8BD18B01C083" (if you cant find any values, YOU DIDNT FOLLOW THE ABOVE STEPS!)

4. If 2 addresses are found, use the SECOND address
5. Right click > Disassemble this memory region
6. You will see this line "add eax,01". Change "01" to "9999999" == "add eax,9999999"
7. Back to PS, play your ball/Frisbee and watch the numbers jump.
8. Go back to pet society and play with the ball again.
9. When you finish playing your level should be 47 (moreover you will get about 4,500 coins).