Pet Society Cheat // Best Skipping Cheat

Firstly, Click to play Pet Society

Credits: KOO=]

I used:

  • flock browser // firefox works too
  • ce 5.5
  • flash 9
1. Skip 5 times
2. In CE, scan "4589C47589544F8B" (hex, 8bytes, asrom)
3. 1 address returned. Disassemble it.
4. Click Tool > Auto assemble > Template > Code injection > OK
5. Find the line "original code"
6. You should see 2 lines of code below "original code"
7. Paste this line "mov eax,000186A9" IN BETWEEN those 2 lines to make it like this

(note: you can change it to "mov eax,000000096" if you don't want it to be 100,000 jumps)

mov ecx,[edi+54]
mov eax,000186A9
mov [ebp-3c],esi

8. Execute it and start skipping in Pet Society. You will see that you have skipped 1000000 times! HAVE FUN

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