Pet Society Cheat // Best Skipping Cheat

Firstly, Click to play Pet Society

Credits: KOO=]

I used:

  • flock browser // firefox works too
  • ce 5.5
  • flash 9
1. Skip 5 times
2. In CE, scan "4589C47589544F8B" (hex, 8bytes, asrom)
3. 1 address returned. Disassemble it.
4. Click Tool > Auto assemble > Template > Code injection > OK
5. Find the line "original code"
6. You should see 2 lines of code below "original code"
7. Paste this line "mov eax,000186A9" IN BETWEEN those 2 lines to make it like this

(note: you can change it to "mov eax,000000096" if you don't want it to be 100,000 jumps)

mov ecx,[edi+54]
mov eax,000186A9
mov [ebp-3c],esi

8. Execute it and start skipping in Pet Society. You will see that you have skipped 1000000 times! HAVE FUN

Restaurant City Cheat // Rubbish Cheat

On a sidenote, I will do my best in updating the latest cheats for all you people

Click image to play.

I used:
  • firefox
  • ce 5.5
  • rc tools (download) Password: jackal
  • flash 9
1) Go into Restaurant City.
2) Select firefox as process for CE 5.5
3) Scan "0000D49189D32B" (4bytes, asrom, hex)
4) 1 address returned. Paste the address into the rc tool. If no address returned, try picking up a rubbish first.
5) Click on get code, and paste the entire thing into your cheat engine. Tick the box to activate rubbish.
6) Pick up ONLY 30 RUBBISH
7) Click on redecorate and move a furniture to allow the game to save.
8) Continue step 6 and 7.
Have fun. Credits to Lhady aka happyprincess.

Note: You can use the RC tool posted in this post for other cheats like fast cook. Values can be found in my previous post. Have fun trying out the values.

Restaurant City Cheat // Values to scan

As many of you guys are asking for the new values to scan, here is a list by bjai66

Flash Player 9 VALUES
Fast 1
You will need RC tools

Work -->000000808B110FF2
Cook -->000001108689C22B
Customer -->4D891C408B008B08

Fast 2
Work serve -->000001048389C12B (3 Addresses change to sub eax,eax)
Clean -->000001048889ca2b (change to sub ecx,ecx)
Toilet -->4F840FE04589C085 (change to sub eax,eax)

Code 1 : D85D89C33B28408B
Code 2 : F05D89C33B28408B

Restaurant City Cheat // Gain 4000 exp OR MORE per dish

Click image to play.

Credits bjai66 of youon9forum

I used: firefox, ce5.5, flash 9

1. Gain exp by serving a customer.
2. In CE, tick hex, 8byes, asrom and scan "FFFFFFB8D02A0FF2"
3. 1 address returned. Disassemble it.
4. Change the NEXT LINE 'mov eax,FFFFFFFF' to 'mov eax, 00004e20' (4e20 =4000) change to whichever number you want
5. Now watch as your exp gains 4000 per dish. Level up to 32 fast!

00004E20=4k gpts
00002710=2k gpts (thx esr0159)

Mafia Wars News // New Russian Loots

Update: Go to this link for free ONE-TIME only godfather points

Sadly, there isn't any new cheats for playfish games. But 1k per winning race for Pet Society is still working so abuse it while you can! I believe country story coin cheat is still working but seems that fewer people are playing that already.

Anyway, for all those Mafia Wars fans here, Russia is coming out! And for a limited time, you will be able to loot these weapons. Just showing you guys the stats of the items. Credits: Top Mafia Group in facebook.

[UPDATED] Pet Society Cheat // Betting Race Money with Maxdik autoracer

Note: This is only an UPDATE to the current Pet Society race cheat. Previously i told you guys to use a mouse recorder, however Maxdik has made a Autoracer which is much better hence i am updating this cheat. Have fun! The autoracer is in chinese btw :p Will upload a video later

{ click to play

You need:

  • ce 5.5
  • maxdik pet society AUTORACER (download) download all 3 parts and open with winrar (google for it -.-)
  • firefox
  • flash 9
1. Sell something in Pet Society
2. Select firefox as process, tick hex, 8bytes, tick asrom
3. Scan "840FFF85C12A0FF2"
4. 1 address found. Disassemble it.
5. Scroll up to this line "add esp,0c"
6. Click Tool > Auto assemble > Template > Code injection > OK
7. Scroll down the code and you will see this line "originalcode:"
8. There will be 2 lines of code below this "originalcode". REPLACE THE 2 LINES OF CODE WITH THIS:

add esp,0c
je play9fish
mov [ebp-18],3E8

mov ecx,[ebp-18]

9. Click EXECUTE > OK

Now you can decide what you want to do. You can either go to stadium for autobet, visit a friend and get 1000 coins immediately. Do not repeat too many times as the mayor will appear.

10. Now in PS, go to stadium.
11. It is not 100% win but when you win, you get 1000 coins.
12. Use MAXDIK Pet Society AUTORACER.
- key in the number of times you want it to autobet.
- only the autobet is useful, autorace isnt easy to win as the clicks are out of sync causing you to fall.
13. You may lose some races but winning 1000coins with only 5coins is still a very good deal.

Yoville Cheat // EXP and COIN

Click HERE to play.

I used: firefox, flash 9.0, wpe pro. (links can be found at "Useful Downloads" above the chatbox)
Turn off your anti-virus when downloading/using WPE PRO. BUT if you are afraid as it is detected as a virus, you have the choice of not downloading it.

1. Go into Yoville.
2. In WPE pro, select firefox as target and press the PLAY BUTTON to start scanning.
3. In Yoville, challenge someone to a game of tic-tac-toe.
4. Lose the game on purpose.
5. Stop scan in WPE.
6. Find for this code:
7. Change the "result":0 to "result":1
8. Select continuously and Press PLAY. Watch as the exp and coins increase.

I believe there is a limit to how much you can get per day. So it kinda stops increasing after a while. Try it again 24hours later

Playfish's QUIZTASTIC! Cheats // Pause the time

I will do my best in updating the latest cheats for all you people

Click HERE to play!

You will need firefox, ce 5.5

1. Select firefox as process
2. Tick "Enable Speedhack"
3. In the game, when answering the question, change Speed to "0" and click apply.
4. In another browser, search for the correct answer to that question. (Use any search engine, Google is your best friend)
5. After finding the correct answer, click on the option with the correct answer.
6. Change the Speed in Cheat Engine to "1" and click apply.
7. Do steps 3-6 for every question. Have fun

[FIXED/PATCHED] Mafia Wars GLITCH // Attack Loop

I will do my best in updating the latest cheats for all you people

There is a glitch on Mafia Wars now. Exploit it while it is not fixed. I'm on my 3000th+++ fight. Did you notice its 100% winning rate too.

You will need some stamina to start the attack spree. Once it starts, it can't stop =D

1.Go to and DRAG the "AttackCuba" bookmarklet into your bookmark toolbar.
2.Fight anyone in CUBA.
3. Click on the AttackCuba bookmarklet in your toolar. The attack spree will start.
4. Notice that even when you have ZERO stamina, you still continue fighting.


Fish World Cheat // Money + EXP

I will do my best in updating the latest cheats for all you people

Click HERE to play!

You will need cheat engine 5.5 (download links in "Useful Downloads") -.-
Select firefox as process.

Money cheat:
1. Scan for the coins value. Do not change anything else. EXAMPLE: you have 200 coins. scan 200.
2. Spend or Sell a fish.
3. NEXT SCAN new coins
4. 1 address found, Edit the value to the amount of coins you want. If there are still alot of addresses, repeat steps 2-3 till only 1 address remains

EXP cheat:
1. Scan your current exp points
2. Buy a fish egg and let it grow
3. You will gain 1 exp when the fish comes out of the egg.
4. NEXT SCAN new exp points
5. 1 address found, Edit the value to the amount of exp you want. Max level is 40.

Have fun and enjoy your weekends! Don't have to request for cheats, I will post them up if there're any :)

Pet Society Cheat // Recycle Money Cheat by Patiniox

You will need: firefox, flash 9, ce5.5 (Go to Useful Downloads in my menu to download them)

1. Make sure your recycle points is close to the nearest trophy reward. EXAMPLE: Environmentalist requires 20,000 recycle points. Stop at around 19,000 points.

2. Brush your pet.

3. Buy an item. Hint: Buy an apple is the cheapest.

4. Open your CE 5.5, select firefox as process, TICK HEX, 8 bytes, ALSO SCAN READ-ONLY MEM

5. Scan "110FF2D045590FF2"

6. 1 address found. Copy that address and paste it in the generator below.

7. Scan "7D8B000005B38F0F"

8. 1 address found. Copy that address and paste it in the generator below.

9. Click ENVIAR and copy out all the codes generated.

10. In CE, click Tools > Auto Assemble.

11. Paste the codes and click EXECUTE.

12. Now brush/soap your pet and get some easy coins.

13. Visit a friend, recycle an item that gives you MORE points than required to get the trophy. EXAMPLE: You need 500 more recycle points to get your recycle trophy. Recycle any item that gives MORE than 500 recycle points.

14. Click it 5 times. If you see nothing happening, GOOD, YOU'RE DOING IT CORRECTLY. After 5 clicks, click on the "X" to close the window.

15. Now you will see an announcement that you have got the recycle trophy. There will be 5 of
such announcements. As you click OK, you will get the coins.

16. Repeat steps 13 - 15 if you want more coins. HAVE FUN. video laterrrr.

[NOT WORKING ANYMORE] Country Story // New Money Cheat by Patiniox (translated to English for you guys!)

Firstly, Click on the colourful/text banner at the top right of this blog! =D Let it load and you can close it. Thanks! Will do my best in updating the latest cheats for everyone.

All required downloads can be found in "Useful Downloads" in the Cheats Menu at the top-right corner

flash 9, ce5.5, firefox

1. Go water a crop to earn exp or do something that gains exp.
2. Select firefox.exe as process, tick hex, 8bytes,asrom
3. Scan "5D8B00000564840F"
4. 1 address found. Right click > disassemble > Right click the code selected > Go to address. Copy out that address and paste into the top textbox in the generator below.
5. Scan "738B000000F6840F"
6. 1 address found. Right click > disassemble > Right click the code selected > Go to address. Copy out that address and paste into the second textbox in the generator below.
7. In the generator, you can now select the amount you want to cheat in the dropbox. (ie: 1 Riego = 50.000 coins)
8. Click Enviar and copy out ALL the codes generated.
9. Now back to the Cheat Engine, click on Tools > Auto Assemble
10. Paste the code generated into that space and click EXECUTE
11. Now go water any plant and the game freeze. When it unfreezes, save your game. Upon reload, your money has increased!. HAVE FUN. Try values lesser than 100.000 if you want to continuously water your plants. 100k coins seem to hang the game.

Guys, try using FLOCK browser if you find that you hang too often.

Pet Society Cheat // Change your pet's colour!

Firstly, Click on the colourful/text banner at the end of this post! =D Let it load and you can close it. Thanks! Will do my best in updating the latest cheats for everyone.

Now back to changing your pet's color.
Change your pet's color to something rare and uncommon!

1. Firstly, change your pet's color to this (watch the mouse cursor)>>
2. Scan "405b8b" (4bytes, tick hex) in Cheat Engine.
3. A few addresses will be found.
4. Change your pet's color again to another color.
5. Only 1 address will be different now. That is the address we want!
6. Double click that address.
7. Go to html color and choose the color you want. Copy out the 6 digit color code.
8. Go back to cheat engine, right click the address you found, "Change record > Value"
9. Replace the last 6 digit of that value with the color code that you want.
10. Now go back to your house and you should see the new color.

Useful downloads

All tools has been scanned and are 100% free from virus that will compromise your computer. I use these programs myself so I know it is safe. 

Tools that you will require:

Internet Browers:




Flash versions:

Restaurant City Cheat // fast clean, unlimited rubbish, unlimited stamina

Click to play Restaurant City

You will need:

1: Select firefox as your process in CE.
2: Have one cleaner to start clearing rubbish.
3. Now go to RC tool, click on Stamina tab and search "D85D89C33B28408B" (hex,8bytes,asrom)
4. 1 address found, copy that address and paste it in RC tool.
5. Search "FC5D89C33B28408B"
6. 1 address found, copy that address and paste it in RC tool.
7. Click on Get Code and paste that whole code into your cheat engine.
8. Tick that line "Jackal's Worker HP++"
9. Now you don't have to worry about your cleaner's stamina.
10. In RC tool, click on Rubbish tab. Now search "000000CC9189D32B" in your Cheat Engine. (hex,4bytes,asrom)
11. 6. 1 address found, copy that address and paste it in RC tool.
12. Click on Get Code and paste that whole code into your cheat engine.
13. Tick that line "GO GO Rubbish!"
14. Unlimited rubbish activated. Now click on Fast 2 tab in RC tool.
16. Search "000001008889CA2B" in CE. You may get 2 addresses. Try the 2nd address first.
17. Paste it in RC tool and click 'Get Code'
18. Paste that code into CE and tick "Clean more more more fast"
20. Now you can have more cleaners to clear the rubbish. It seems to crash after a few minutes due to the flash cache not clearing properly. Save the game when you find it slowing down/laggish. HAVE FUN.

Welcome to my very first Restaurant City Post. Wow, this sure is an ancient post :p Anyway, you are here for the answer to The Great Pwnthis Treasure Hunt ain't you? The answer has already been given in this sentence. Figure it out =D

Facebook // Texas HoldEm Poker

This isn't really a cheat but you can win the daily lottery 2-3times instead of only once.

Just right click the image below and click Open in new tab 2-3times quickly! You only get 1 chance each day.

Country Story // Removing farmplots

After the latest update, you are now able to remove farmland!
Just go to
and you will see this

Country Story // Updates

After maintenance on 14th August, EXP cheat, Water cheat, Stamina cheat, Trophy cheat, Unlimited plow, Dog cheat still working.
Have fun.


Pet Society Cheat // EXP cheat

< To play Pet SocietyYou will need
Step1: Select firefox.exe as your ce process
Step2: In Pet Society, play Skipping Rope
Step3: On the left side of the screen, is the number of times you skipped. Stop at 5 skips.
Step4: You will see that your EXP increased by 1 point.
Step5: Now scan for '840FFF85C12A0FF2' (hex, 8bytes, ascrom)
Step6: You should get 2 addresses. Or more.
Step7: Disassemble the addresses to find the correct 1.
Step8: After disassembling, you will see this line 'cvtsi2sd xmm0,xmm1'
Step9: Scroll UP 2 lines to find
add esp,0c

mov ecx,[ebp-14]
Step10: If you can't find this 2 lines, try another address. You must find this 2 lines for the cheat to work.
Step11: Select the line 'add esp,0c'
Step12: Click Tools > Auto Assemble > Template > Code Injection > OK
Step13: Scroll down to add

mov ecx,[ebp-14]
Step14: Add this line in between those 2 lines to make it:
add esp,0c

mov [ebp-14],186A0
mov ecx,[ebp-14]
Step15:Execute > OK
Step16: Skip on the rope 5 times. You will gain 100k EXP. Have fun!

Country Story // Trophy Cheat

Gain trophies easily.

I did this cheat using:
  • firefox (works on ie7 too. just tested it)
  • flash 9
  • cheat engine 5.5
Select firefox.exe in the CE process list.

1. Water a crop OR take a stone/wood from a friend's farm

2. Scan 'F685DC758B104389' (Hex, 8 bytes, ASROM)

3. Only 1 address found. Disassemble it.

4. Scroll a few codes up and you will see this line " mov ecx,[ebp-1c]"

5. Select this line (left click it!)

6. Go to Tools --> Auto assemble --> Template --> Code injection --> OK

7. You will see a paragraph of codes.

8. Change these
mov ecx,[ebp-1c]
mov edx,[ecx+10]
mov ecx,[ebp-1c]
mov [ecx+10],186a0
mov edx,[ecx+10]
(for the smarter ones, it means inserting that middle line between the 2 codes)

9. Click EXECUTE.

10. Now watch your trophies coming in as you
  • water a plant
  • plow a ground
  • collect crops
  • visit friends
  • etc
PS: Corn trophy seems to disappear at lvl 3.
Credits nofil2000

Country Story // New EXP cheat

Gain 2000 exp easily. You can only do it once so make sure you save the game (step 8-step9) before making your next 2000exp. Just follow these steps.

You will need:
  • firefox
  • flash player 9.0 (this cheat does NOT work with flash 10)
  • ce 5.5
Step1: Do anything that gains EXP points
Step2: Scan "FC2444C7C1580FF2" (hex, 8bytes, ascrm)
Step3: A few addresses will be found. Only one will end with a digit 4. That is the address you want!
Step4: Right click, disassemble
Step5: You will see this line "addsd xmmo, xmm1". Right click it and "Change Register at this Location"
Step 6: Tix EBX and insert value "7D0" (seven dee zero)
Step 7: Now do anything that gains EXP and you will get 2000.
Step 8: Now click on Define Style in Country Story. It will save your game.
Step 9: Do anything to gain EXP and you will get another 2000. You will need to enter Define Style and change something to save before you can gain another 2000 points.

Have fun!
Oh and i can't possibly make everyone happy. So for those who wants the babe of the day, here you go in a tiny thumbnail :p so it's not irritating for those who do not want it. You can click on it for a bigger view. Anddd nobody cares if you don't find her hot :p
Babe of the day

Country Story Cheat // Free Dog

When you reach level 8, you will get a quest "Man's Best Friend"
This quest gives you a dog which will "protect" your crops. With this cheat, you can complete this quest without having 15 friends with 100friendship points.

Using CE 5.5, flash 9, firefox

Step 1: Open the "Man's Best Friend" quest
Step 2: Scan 4E8B10438B104389 (hex, 8ybtes, asrom)
Step 3: Only 1 address found, disassemble it
Step 4: Right click this line "mov [ebx+10] eax"
Step 5: Select "Change register at this location"
Step 6: Tick EAX and insert "f" as the value. Press OK
Step 7: Open the dog quest again and you will get the dog.

Remember, you will only get this quest at level 8.

Credits nofil2000

Bookmark this page!

Guys remember to check back this blog for new cheats as I will be updating new cheats on a near daily basis. Thanks for all the support!

Roller Coaster Kingdom EXP cheat

If you're unable to find this code, replay the scanning of packets again. I usually just get 280packets to find both EXP and COIN codes. This is with the RCK OPEN in firefox ONLY. You should try closing all other tabs in firefox to get a less packets returned.

For EXP cheat, do the same steps as the COIN cheat in my previous post.

However look out for this code instead. (or something similar, it depends on the amount of rides you have)


This code is not easy to find. If you can't find it, leave the scanning of packets to run abit longer before stopping. It should be found near the bottom of all the results.

As usual, right click the code and select SEND

Change all the "count":1 --------> "count":9

Select "continuously" and PLAY. Watch your EXP increases. HAVE FUN :)

Roller Coaster Kingdom COIN cheat

Play Facebook's Roller Coaster Kingdom HERE
Credits to Magableh & wong6doctor (really amazing people)

You will need: WPE PRO 0.9a or here
Most virus scanners will detect virus in this program. I would say that it is not an issue as this is not your normal memory scanning program. If you're afraid of getting viruses, feel free to not use it.


Step 1: Open WPE PRO, click on "Target Program" and select "Firefox.exe"
Step 2: Load the Roller Coaster Kingdom. When you are at this screen >>
, click on the PLAY button

Step 3: Let Roller Coaster Kingdom load finish. I usually give it about 2 minute after the game has completed loading before pressing the STOP button. This ensures that I find the code for EXPERIENCE points. 200-300 packets should be found.

Step 4: Now search for the code
(i find that searching from bottom-up is easier)

Step 5: When you found the exact code, right click and select SEND
Step 6: Now edit these values
Example :

a. ":{"deltaMoney":17," --> ":{"deltaMoney":99,"
b. "numBuses":3," -- > "numBuses":9,"
c. "numPeeps":12} -- > ,"numPeeps":99}

Step 7: Now select the "Continuously" radio-box and click on the PLAY button beside the PORTaddress.

Watch as your gold increases. To increase it even more, change the 0.5 to 9.9.

Have fun!

Country Story Cheat // Unlimited Farm Land [do not try, seems like you'll get banned]

Credits to 45643

For those of you who want the entire area to be a farmplot, you can try out this cheat. Be warned however that you will NOT be able to reverse the process as there isn't any way to remove a farmplot yet.

You will need:
firefox/ie, cheat engine 5.5, flash 9

Step 1: Select firefox/ie as the process.

Step 2: Using the Photobucket tool, either make a new farmplot or remove the roots of a harvested plant.

Step 3: Scan 75FFE85DDD0CC483 (tick hex, 8bytes, also scan read-only)

Step 4: Only 1 address should be found. (if no address is found, try walking around and using the Photobucket tool again. Then scan again until 1 address is returned.

Step 5: Right click this address and disassemble it.

Step 6: A few lines below the whole chunk of codes, you will see this line "jmp XXXXXXXX"

Step 7: Right click it and select "Change register at this location"

Step 8: Tick EAX and input 999 as the value.

Now you can Photobucket as many farmland as you want, regardless of your level. Just remember that this process is not reversible.

[Facebook] Farkle Dice Game Cheat

For those dice game lovers out there, facebook has this game called Farkle

How to play:
The idea of the game is to get as much points as possible in 10 rounds. Avoid getting Farkled as that means you get 0 points.
You score points according to the above chart. You need a minimum of 300 to be able to save the points

How to cheat:
(requires cheat engine 5.5) Credits: Abckagen

1. Select firefox/IE as your process
2. Play 1 round of farkle. The points you got for that round, multiply it by 8.
Example: You got 300 points for that round. (300 x 8 = 2400)
3. Scan 2400(or whatever value you got from multiplying 8) [exact value, 4bytes]
4. Alot of values will be found.
5. Play your 2nd round of farkle. The points will be accumulated in your total score. Now take the new total score and multiply by 8. Scan this value. You should only find ONE value. If not, keep doing the same till you have ONE value.
6. Edit this value to any multiples of 8. (make it a large value which can be divided by 8 to ensure proper scoring of points, meaning if you edit it to 80,000, your new points is 10,000)
7. Continue playing farkle, you will notice the newly edited points.

Country Story // unlimited water [8/8/09]

1. Scan 00000040840FD285 (tick hex, 8bytes, scan read-only memory)
2. Only 1 value found, disassemble it
3. You will see a line je XXXXXXX. Right click and go to change register
4. Tick EAX and type FF for the value

Your water will remain at 255.

Country Story Cheats

The unlimited wood/stone cheat, unlimited stamina cheat and exp cheat have all been fixed. Do not bother trying them now. Bookmark this blog however, as new cheats will definitely be posted. In the meantime, try out other game cheats.

UPDATE (8th August): Stamina cheat is still working, value to search for has changed to 8889CA2BC22A0FF2.

Babe of the day

[Facebook] Biotronic bot

Play it on Facebook here

Download this bot which calculates similar colored cubes for you.
Download :Biotronic bot

100% no virus and working. Win your friends top score easily with this amazing bot.
Press SpaceBar or Numpad 0 to carry out the swapping of cubes.

Bejeweled Blitz Cheating Script

Play it on Facebook

Download this script: Bejeweled Blitz and Greasemonkey

You can get millions of score just by changing the score multiplier and the gem colour.
  • Shift+Click – turn gem into a Power Gem
  • Ctrl+Click – turn gem into a Score Multiplier Gem
  • Alt+Click – turn gem into a Hyper Gem
  • 1..7+Click – turn gem into a gem of the respective color

Country Story // unlimited stamina [working as at 8/8/09]

Select firefox process and using cheat engine 5.5

1. Do an activity that requires stamina
2. Scan 8889CA2BC22A0FF2 (tick hex, scan read-only, 8bytes)
3. 1 value will be found. Dissemble it
4. Double click the address and change the next line from "sub ecx,edx" to "sub edx,edx"
5. Click ok, and go back into the game.

You will now have unlimited stamina. have fun farming!

Babes of the day


[NOT WORKING ANYMORE =( ] Country Story Cheats // Unlimited stone/wood PART 2

This is a quicker way to gather up wood/stone. credits to patiniox!
You can now gather HUNDREDS of wood/stone in SECONDS!

1. Using cheat engine 5.5, select your internet browser as the process
2. Pick up wood or stone, depending on which material you want to be unlimited
3. Scan E845890000000AB8 (tick hex, also scan read only, 8 bytes)
4. Copy the ADDRESS of the result found (only 1) and paste it into the code generator and click Enviar.

5. Copy and paste the result from the generator into the bottom panel of the cheat engine (workspace of cheat engine, the huge blank area)

6. A line "C.S W/S Collect Hack" will appear. Tick that!

7. As you move, the game will FREEZE. don't worry it means the cheat is working. You will gain control of your mouse eventually.

8. When u untick the code, you will be amaze at the number of material you have gained!


[fixed] Country Story Cheat // unlimited wood

You will need Mozilla firefox, flash player 9 and CE 5.5

credits youon9 and 水星人 for finding this great cheat

1. After selecting the country story process, pick up a stone/wood.
2. Search 00000004B86C4189 (tick hex, 8bytes, tick also scan read-only)
3. Only 1 value will be found
4. Disassemble this value
5. A few lines down will have a line "jmp XXXXXXXXXX"
6. Select this line and press DEL key on your keyboard
7. Click OK on the popup
8. Now your stone/wood will not disappear. Use a mouse clicker to make things easier :)
9.You can find the link to a mouse recorder in my previous post.

[Facebook] How to "type fast"

Yet another typing application on facebook.
How fast can you type A-Z ?

To get a really fast time, you will probably need a keyboard recorder. My top score for this application is a cool 0.63secs. I could type A-Z in less than a sec ;p

Download this recorder and win all your friends in typing!
>> Download Axife mouse and keyboard recorder

[fixed] Country Story EXP cheat (working as at 2 august)

Credits to Cracrazy and Youon9 forum

watch video here

Sorry for the weird resolution of the video, i will post out the steps clearly for you guys to follow =D

1. After getting into Country Story, DO NOT do anything which will increase your exp points.

2. Using Cheat Engine 5.5, select Country Story in the window list.

3. Scan for your current exp value using DOUBLE value type.

4. Double click all the values found.

5. Click new scan, scan for current exp value using 8 bytes value type.

6. Double click all the values found.

7. Click new scan, scan for current exp value using 4 bytes value type.

8. Double click all the values found.

9. Now change all the values that you saved to whatever value you want your exp to be.

10. Click on market and click back on your farm. You should see the new exp value.

11. Save your game and enjoy your new level! =D have fun COUNTRYSTORY-ing!

ps: It is easier to scan for the values if your level is higher. It seems that lower level scan will return more values which makes it difficult to change.