CityVille Cheats // Plugin v9

Get version 9 now! More features such as instant growth, accepting neighbors help and more!

Download required files [ download ] // wait for timer, click download, click download again. Any issues try it on another browser before commenting.

  • Added removal of Withered crops [Crops v0.3]
  • Preperations for Inventory Plugin (database creation etc).
  • Update to Neighbors plugin to store energy options. [Neighbors v0.4]
  • Accept Neighbors help. [Neighbors v0.4]
  • Preperations for multi lang support.
  • Added goods_pier to be counted in the total storage goods. It was missing.
  • Collecting daily bonus added in buildings. [Buildings v0.4]
  • Energy update to prevent loops. [Energy v0.6] 
  • Added instant grow (Harvest withing 5 Sec.) [Crops v0.3]
For full steps on using CityVille Bot, visit this page [ CityVille Coins Energy Exp Cheat ]

Thanks to the weekly updates by 12christiaan. I have already donated to him for his awesome work. Have you?

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