Ninja Saga Cheats // 3 in 1 Awesomeness version 1.3

Got this quite some time ago, but kinda lazy to post it up. Just tested today and still working so here you go. Seems like stuff that I do not post seldom gets patched that quickly :p

Download required files [ download ] // wait for timer, click download, click download again. Any issues try it on another browser before commenting.
Required Tools [Download these tools | Tool's Tutorial ]:
  •  required files above
  • fiddler
Credits: DreadRoots

All the new bosses (even the gingerbrat) are level 1. So its basically a 1 hit KO.

Go to Shop > Items for:
  • Reset Points
  • 50M (Check your gear after using this option. Then sell those items for the coins)
  • 2 level 100 NPC to fight in your team (You can keep purchasing this)

  1. Download required files above
  2. Extract all the files to your desktop
  3. Open Fiddler
  4. Use your mouse, Drag downloaded files (all the .swf files) into the Autoresponder tab in fiddler
  5. It should look like this. Make sure "Enable auto.." and "Permit pass..." are both ticked.
    (it should look something like the screenshot. Make sure you drag ALL the files into fiddler)

  6. Just enter Ninja Saga [ play now ]
  7. Just fight those bosses and it's 1 hit KO. If it isn't, you have not replaced the files correctly, because I have tested it. (clear browser cache will definitely help if you have trouble)
  8. Also, all missions are now instant finished.
  9. Cheat with some common sense. Do NOT abuse or you will get banned. 

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