Ninja Warz EXP and COINS

Play NINJA WARZ [ play now ]

Required Tools [Download these tools | Tool's Tutorial ]:
  • Charles
  • Firefox/Chrome (i prefer firefox)
  1. Enter Ninja WARZ (play now)
  2. Go Fight (Click on the WHITE BLIMP/AIRSHIP/AIRBALLOON/Wadever you call it... But first, you must have FULL Health...)
  3. Go to ENEMIES and scroll down and look for a person with "few allies" See image to understand.
  4. Fight that enemy... You should able to win in a single fight.
  5. After winning, Dont click "No Thanks" yet... Go to charles and look for ""
  6. Expand ajax and you should see "fight?PHPSESSID=..."
  7. Right Click, Click "Repeat Advance"... Iterations:100000 (one hundred thousand) and Concurrency:10
  8. Wait for 1 minute.
  9. Now click "No Thanks"
  10. You should see that you won all the fights.

Tips: -You should have High ENERGY and SKILLS for better fight results and a greater chance that you will have 5 winning results.

There are some EASY High Level ninjas for you to train on this link [ Excellent Farming Ninjas ] You can fight these ninjas instead of the ones in the enemy list. Just repeat advance for the "fight?PHPSESSID=..." when you fight these people.

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