Pet Society // 3.2.65 Easy Mode More Features!

Download required files [ sharecash | upload | megaupload ] // choose your preferred download link

Required Tools [Download these tools | Tool's Tutorial ]:
  • Download Pets3.2.65-EzMode.swf from the links above.
  • Fiddler2
  • Chrome/Firefox

 New Features!: This cheat includes Fast Dig, Fast Fish and All Neighbors are Dirty (to get coins, just visit friends and clean them
, fast pet scrubbing (no more wearing out yourself or your mouse with excess scrubbing) AND ALSO USE YOUR FRIENDS' DYE TABLE ( if one of your neighbors bought a cash dye table, you could just visit their house and use their table to dye your wigs for free)

Read this first: This .swf file allows you to "scan" the area for treasures so that you will ALWAYS know the exact location of the treasure. Now you will NEVER waste a dig. 100% working if you follow my instructions exactly. Do NOT click on areas that do not have a square or the game will GLITCH and you will have to reload the game. I repeat, hover your mouse over the land and when a gray square appears, there is a treasure there and you can click that. I will probably do a video to show you guys the result of a glitched digging.

There are cases where people commented that they got suspended for their first dig. Try to do some normal stuff first like purchasing items, scrubbing before you dig. 
Do other stuff in between digs as you may get suspended for ONE day if you get treasures too quickly. So just dig, fish, dig, buy some stuff etc... There are reports that some of you get suspended on your first dig? Hmm.. What I can say is, maybe try purchasing an apple from the shop, do some normal shopping first then dig. PS cheating counter is glitchy so just be cautious. :

  1. Download the files above.
  2. Open Fiddler.
  3. Go to Autoresponder and ensure both 'Enable Automatic.. ' and 'Permit pass...' are ticked
  4. Click ADD.
  5. A 'String To Match' will appear. change it to
  6. Click on the ▼ button beside the Save and select 'Browse a file'.
  7. Browse to the files that you have downloaded above and select the file you just downloaded from me 'pets3.2.65-ezmode.swf'
  8. Click SAVE.
  9. Now, just clear cache and load Pet Society.
  10. Enter Digging Lands and hover your mouse over to "scan".. If a gray square appears, click it.. If no gray square, do NOT click..


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