Millionaire City Cheats - Bonus Coin Money Cheat

1- Open Cheat Engine and select browser in process
2- open Millionaire City
3- when the loading bar appears go to cheat engine and start the speed hack and set it to “0” before the game starts
4- search “5500000”
5- one address found
6- left click on the address and choose “Disassemble this memory region”
7- now something called “pushad” will be selected in the memory viewer that appears
9- scroll up 3 addresses until you see the sudden jump
10- you will find one address in the top of the list that is : ” jmp f*****eb “
11- double click and change the last letter ( b )  to  4
      example : jmp fc02f0eb to jmp fc02f0e4
12- press ok
13- go back to the game and remove the speed hack.
14- enjoy a bonus of 5634%
Watch video if unclear.


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