Millionaire City Cheats - Latest Huge Coin Money Cheat
  1.  Enter Millionaire City [play now]
  2. Open Cheat
  3. Scan "180000"
  4. Select all the results and press the Red Arrow icon to get all the addresses into the editor
  5. Select all the addresses and right click, select change
  6. Change 180000 to 90000
  7. NEW SCAN "100000"
  8. A few addresses returned. Find the 1 ending with 04 (only 1 ends with 04, see video)
  9. Change the 04 to 02. Change type to 2bytes. Change value to 23201  (watch video if you cant follow my quick,simplified steps)
  10. Now all the coffee shops will have extra high earnings. Do NOT exceed 280k or the game will go out of sync. To ensure it remains below 280k, use only ONE house in the area of the coffee shop. And max 5 tenants to be safe.
  11. Now, if you want to change the Florist and Sushi Houses, just NEW SCAN "250000"
  12. A few addresses returned. Select the TWO addresses ending with CDC
  13. Change the C to
  14. Change type to 2bytes
  15. Change value to 23201
  16. Click your Florist and Sushi Houses now, you should gain 200k+++ earnings. Have
  17. If you are smart enough, you should see the pattern and understand how this cheat works.
  18. Watch the video if you can't follow the steps. It's really quite


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