Millionaire City Cheats

Click to Play [ Millionaire City ] Download Important xml file [ link1 | link 2 ] //choose preferred.


Required Tools:
  • Download the important .xml file from the links above.
  • Fiddler
  • Firefox/Chrome

// Millionaire City Money Cheat //


  1. Download above xml file.
  2. Go to Fiddler > Auto responder and ensure both options are ticked.
  3. Drag the downloaded file into the auto responder and you shd see a new rule.
  4. Important: Clear browser cache and reload Millionaire City 
  5. If database is loaded, you should now have 0 limit to getting money.
  6. To prevent game errors, you can only have MAX $100,000 per click.
  7. Therefore, you must have only ONE house near the Pizza Store or CoffeeShop.
  8. The ONE house should have only 5 tenants. 
  9. If you exceeded $100,000 in one click, you WILL get an OUT OF SYNC error. Just ensure ONE house and you will be fine. 
  10. Watch video if still unclear.
// Millionaire City Cheats Video //

// Official Tutorial by Millionaire City //

How do I build a house, commercial building or decoration?
The first step for any building is to buy Plots. To find out how many plots a development will need, hover the pointer over the asset in the Shop. An information box will pop up to show how many plots are needed, the price of the asset and any other details. Use the Plot tool to turn undeveloped terrain into plots ready for building. Click “Buy” in the Shop to select the asset and place it over your purchased plots.

How can I finish construction on a project now?
Click on your house, commercial building, decoration or world wonder while it’s under construction to access the Instant Build option. It costs extra Cash, but you can skip the remaining build time and enjoy your new asset right away!

How do houses work?
Houses are the foundation of your business. Tenants renting houses will provide rental income and serve as customers for your nearby commercial buildings. Once your house is built, you can choose a Contract. Depending on your experience and the type of house, there are different contracts available varying in duration and revenue, from minutes to several days and from hundreds of dollars to thousands. If you are late collecting rent, however, tenants will abandon the house and you will lose your investment, so make sure you come back in time to collect the rent and start a new contract.

What are commercial buildings for?
Add commercial buildings to your city for quick cash flow. Commercial income is proportionate to the number of tenants living in houses around the commercial building. Take this into account when you choose rental contracts for your houses as well as new house locations.

What are decorations for?
Decorations add a bonus to the rent you receive for each contract. Adding a decorations nearby can boost rental fees by hefty percentages and multiple decorations around one property can add up quick. A balanced distribution of houses, commercial buildings and decorations is important to maximize the profits of your company.

What are the World Wonders?
No city is complete without a few unique landmarks. Each Wonder will give you global benefits, helping your business thrive. Since landmarks are giant and challenging constructions, they take a long time to finish. Asking your friends for help with World Wonder construction may be a very wise decision.

What is Experience and how do I progress in the game?
Some contracts, houses, commercial buildings, decorations and world wonders require a minimum experience level to unlock. As you build new developments and sign new contracts, you will gain experience points that will help you level up to access more luxurious items.
How do I get more money?
Think about your strategy when building houses, commercial buildings and decorations. Sign contracts that give you the most profit according to when you plan on being online playing Millionaire City so you can collect rent on time. As you progress in the game, more advanced buildings will become available that can earn you bigger profits. Expanding into neighboring counties will also provide more land for faster and larger developments.

How can I get more Dollars now?
You can exchange Millionaire Gold for game Dollars at any time. Click on the Add Dollars button on the top right side of the screen, or try to buy an expensive asset without enough money and you can make the exchange right away. Don’t forget you can also visit friends, complete missions for your advisor and help your friends’ cities to get some extra cash!

How do I get more Gold?
Gold is a scarce resource, but you will get a chance to earn some glittery good stuff through a few select missions from your advisor. You can also Add Gold anytime with the button below the Gold indicator on the top right side of the screen if you have enough cash to exchange.

I ran out of terrain, how can I expand the city?
There are up to 24 expansion areas for sale in neighboring counties that, of course, come with a cost. Once you have a solid economy, it will be worth expanding further. The more terrain you have, the more space you can use for large houses, commercial buildings, world wonders and advanced decorations. A larger city will give you more strategy options and profits for your company.

Can I start a new city?
No, but you can always use the bulldozer to clear everything you don’t like and get some money in the process. If you only have a little cash, buy cheap houses, rent short contracts and repeat the process until your business is back to full health. If you have friends in the game, keep visiting their cities for extra income. Don’t give up – with the experience you gained you will be able to build up a better city in less time than before!

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