Pet Society Cheat // EXP cheat

Firstly, Click to PLAY Pet Society

I used CE 5.5, firefox, flash 9

1. Play ball/frisbee (stop at 3 is enough)

2. Select firefox as process in CE, tick hex, 8bytes, ASROM

3. Scan "544F8BD18B01C083" (if you cant find any values, YOU DIDNT FOLLOW THE ABOVE STEPS!)

4. If 2 addresses are found, use the SECOND address
5. Right click > Disassemble this memory region
6. You will see this line "add eax,01". Change "01" to "9999999" == "add eax,9999999"
7. Back to PS, play your ball/Frisbee and watch the numbers jump.
8. Go back to pet society and play with the ball again.
9. When you finish playing your level should be 47 (moreover you will get about 4,500 coins).

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