City of Wonder // Easy Coin Cheat

Click to play City of Wonder [ play now ]

Required Tools [Download these tools | Tool's Tutorial ]:
  • Charles Proxy
  • Firefox/Chrome
  1. Open Charles (make sure its recording your net activities).
  2. Enter City Of Wonder.
  3. Click on the bag of bonus coins.
  4. Take note of the amount you got. Click Skip/Publish.
  5. Then in Charles, look for the line:
  6. Look in the fb/
  7. You should see some lines of "amfgw?.........."
  8. Click on these lines and check the "Request" tab.
  9. If you see "user.setDailyBonus" and the amount of coins that you got, this is the line that you want.
  10. Right click this line and select Edit.
  11. Click AMF and change the coins value to any amount you want.
  12. Click Execute.
  13. Refresh the game. Enjoy your new coins. Watch video if unsure.

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