Social Empire Cheats - Money, Coin, Cash, EXP, Wood, Stone, Food Cheat

Required Tools [Download these tools | Tool's Tutorial ]

Credits: , Thanks Devvil 

Update: Try not to cheat too high values as they DO ban people. My game got disabled already :p
  1. Open Charles Proxy.
  2. Enter Social Empire [play now]
  3. In Charles, look for the line ""
  4. Expand it and look for "srvempires/"
  5. Right click and select Breakpoints.
  6. Refresh the game.
  7. A breakpoint tab should appear. Press EXECUTE 3 times.
  8. Press the "Edit Response" tab
  9. Press RAW
  10. Now, search for cash, coins, exp, food, stone and wood and change them to 1,000,000 or any value that you want.
  11. Now, remove the breakpoint (Press the Red Hexagon icon or right click the srvempires/ and select Breakpoints again)
  12. Then press EXECUTE. The game will now load and you will have infinite resources as shown in my screenshot.  
  13. Have fun.


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