HomeInn Cheats // Money + Item Clone

Firstly, click to Play HomeInn

You will need:
  • firefox
  • ce 5.5 (download links can be found at Useful Downloads in the menu)
  1. Select firefox as ce5.5 process.
  2. Scan amount of money you have currently.
  3. Lots of addresses will be found.
  4. Spend some of the money.
  5. NEXT SCAN amount of money now.
  6. 1 address left (if there are more than 1 address, repeat steps 4-5)
  7. Double click the address. Change value to 999999. This amount will not be saved but the items you buy will be saved.
  8. ie: Buy 4 10k bed
  9. Put all the 4 in the Warehouse.
  10. NEW SCAN "4" in ce 5.5
  11. Shift 1 of the bed into the room. You will have 3 bed left in the warehouse.
  12. NEXT SCAN "3"
  13. Repeat Steps 11 and 12. (next scan the current number of bed left. example: 2 bed=next scan 2. 1 bed=next scan 1.)
  14. Once you have 1 address remaining, that is the address you want!
  15. Double click it, change the value to 100.
  16. Start dragging the beds into your room or to sell them. Have Fun!
The items should not disappear... Only the Green Jewel items will disappear.. Normal cash items remains. You are probably doing it wrongly :(

View the video tutorial by one of our readers. Sonya/lollipop!

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