Roller Coaster Kingdom FAST EXP+COIN cheat

Firstly, click to Play RCK

You will need:
  • browser
  • flash 9 (didnt try on flash 10)
  • rck tool [download]
  1. Open rckTOOL
  2. Go into RCK in facebook
  3. Click "?" button to make coin cheat
  4. Click "???" button to make exp cheat
  5. HAVE FUN =D
  6. IT IS THAT SIMPLE. do not require WPE pro anymore. SEE VIDEO IF UNSURE
Stop saying it doesn't work. It WORKS! Its just that YOU do NOT know how to make it WORK. I have done it on 2 different accounts and both works fine. For exp, make sure you visit a friend. Watch the values on the rckTool. Once it found the addresses for coin and exp, the number 0 will start increasing.

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