Pet Society Cheat // Rainbow / Golden Poo cheat by SPYKE

Firstly, click to Play Pet Society

You will need
  • flash 9
  • firefox
  • ce 5.5 (all can be downloaded in 'Useful Downloads' in the menu
  • Poo maker by spkye (download)

Make sure your pet's hunger bar and happiness bar is MAXED and your pet is dirty. AT LEAST 2 flies
  1. In cheat engine, tick hex, 8bytes, ASROM
  2. Scan "458BE845893C408B"
  3. 1 address returned. If there're 2, use the top address.
  4. Copy the address and paste in the Poo Maker
  5. Click Generate (1st step) in the Poo Maker
  6. Copy out the normal poo code
  7. In Cheat Engine, dissassemble the address and press "CTRL-A"
  8. Paste the normal poo code and click execute
  9. Now NEW SCAN the other 2 values in the Poo maker
  10. Paste the respective addresses in the Poo maker textfield
  11. Click Generate (2nd step)
  12. In Cheat Engine, dissassemble the last address you scanned and press "CTRL-A"
  13. Paste the special poo code and click execute
  14. Now watch as the rainbow/golden poo starts coming in.

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