Island Paradise Cheat // normal Coin Cheat [NO LONGER WORKING]

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I used:
  • flock / firefox
  • ce 5.5
  • flash 9 (all download links can be found at Useful Downloads in the menu)
  1. Go into Island Paradise
  2. Select firefox/flock as CE's process
  3. Value 4bytes, Do NOT have to tick anything. Scan for value of current coins.
    ie: 100 coins, scan 100.
  4. Multiple addresses returned.
  5. Spend some coins.
  6. NEXT SCAN new value of coins.
  7. 1 address left. Change the value to 999999. Tick FREEZE.
  8. Now go into shop, you will notice the value of coins at 999999.
  9. Buy a $250 chick. If a box pops up saying you do not have sufficient coins, IGNORE IT.
  10. Continue buying chick and placing on the island. (You will keep getting "NO MONEY TO BUY", ignore it)
  11. You buy Coconut trees at $252 too. And place them around the island.
  12. Now click on Neighbours.
  13. Click back on Play.
  14. You will notice all the trees and chicks that you have purchased suddenly appear.
  15. Have fun!

Credits: 擦肩而過

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