Island Paradise Cheat // "Meteor" Coin Cheat [NO LONGER WORKIN]

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I used:
  • flock / firefox
  • ce 5.5
  • flash 9 (all download links can be found at Useful Downloads in the menu)
  1. Go into Island Paradise
  2. Select firefox/flock as CE's process
  3. Value 4bytes, Do NOT have to tick anything. Scan for value of current coins.
    ie: 100 coins, scan 100.
  4. Multiple addresses returned.
  5. Spend some coins.
  6. NEXT SCAN new value of coins.
  7. 1 address left. Copy out the address.
  8. Open the Calculator that comes with your computer.
  9. Select scientific for calculator mode.
  10. Tick HEX and DWORD
  11. Paste the copied address into the calculator (edit, paste)
  12. Now MINUS "A8"
  13. Copy the new address in the calculator (edit, copy)
  14. Back in CE, paste this new address in the previous coin address.
  15. Change the value to 99999, freeze it! as seen in the video, i forget to freeze initially and it wouldn't work
  16. Now have fun buying "M" coins items! Ignore the NO MONEY popup as usual. The item will appear when you go back to your island after clicking "Send Gifts".

Credits: 擦肩而過

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