How To Use Charles Web Debugging Proxy

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While I am on the topic of "How To Pwn This?" I decided to have a tutorial on Charles too where some of the cheats still works great using this awesome tool.

I hope with all these tutorials, you guys can take the effort to read it and not always ask similar questions as it does tend to piss the mods and me because we kinda get sick of answering all the same questions =D

Download Charles Proxy Debugging Tool [ link 1 | link 2 | link 3 ]
[instructions to get cracked version] .This version allows you to remove time limit and you can use all the features.
You will need JAVA to be able to run Charles. [Download]

1. After installing Charles, make sure the proxy is recording so just follow these settings in the screenshot.

2. Once Charles is recording, just load your game and you will be able to see the game's url in the Structure Tab.

3. Just clicking on the [+] will expand the url and you can see the activities. I will usually guide you guys to finding the appropriate URLS and Activities so do not worry.

4. As an example, if you have just claimed some coins by executing an action, there are times when you can use Charles to repeat these actions thousands of times and repeatedly gain the coins and exp easily. You can do this by right clicking the activity and selecting 'Repeat Advanced'
5.Fill in the number of Iterations and Concurrency. Iterations means number of rounds you want the activity to be repeated. Concurrency means the number of times that particular activity will be executed at the same time. I would recommend 1000 Iterations and 10 Concurrency most of the time.

6. You can also use Charles to edit certain games databases. The following steps teaches you that!

7. Instead of selecting Repeat Advanced, you can select "Breakpoints" which pauses the game at a certain key point of the loading giving you access to the database.

8. A Breakpoint tab will appear and critical activities will appear. You can click EXECUTE to continue loading or sometimes an "Edit Response" tab will appear and you can change certain values there. 

9. The following screenshot shows you some of the important features that I will mention. You can usually edit the database straight from the AMF (Action Message Format). Some of my old cheats used this feature to edit coins, cash, experience, weapons, nearly everything in the database.  Developers are getting smarter though and will attempt to block such database editing.
10. Always remember to go back to the Session tab and remove the Breakpoints by right clicking the activity again and selecting 'Breakpoints' Make sure the breakpoint tab is completed executed/canceled away first.

Hope this helps you understand Charles application better. Feel free to ask any questions in the comments.

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