Pet Society - Cooking Cash Items Cheat

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Credits: nofil2000
HashCalulator by PetSocietyNews

Tools (download these tools in the Tools section):
  1. Download the above xml file. This is the original xml file from PS with no changes made yet.
  2. Download and open the HashCalculator. (This is a flash file, you can open it by dragging it into your browser) Type the Cash item you want in the HashCalculator. For example, Swimming Pool Terrace
  3. Click on the calculate button and it will return you a value. Copy that value.
  4. Now open up the recipes_hashed2.xml you just downloaded. Look for the first line producthash = "xxxxxxxxx"
  5. Replace the xxxxxxxx with the value you just copied.
  6. Save the xml file.
  7. Now replace it with with fiddler. (in fiddler the pattern is recipes_hashed.xml)
  8. Go to the Pet Society and you will be able to cook that cash item! Enjoy!
  9. If you are unsure how to use fiddler, follow this link

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