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Credits : Mabel、Daniel、fREE2SW4U, janeytang@pwnthis (for PotOfGold update)

Front.bin added (For exterior decors)
Avatar.bin added (For clothes/hats)
Recipe.bin added (For old food)
Restaurant.bin (For interior decors) :: updated with pots of gold for those who wants it.

Note: Similar to the previous cheat, you will need at least 1 blue coin to simulate deduction of coins. But NOTHING will be deducted. If anything gets deducted, you are probably doing it wrongly as I have been using this cheat for days and has never got any coins deducted. Make sure that all 4 files are replaces as shown in the image below. They will be Highlighted when replaced correctly. 

For those that mentioned their coins got deducted, immediately refresh the game.

And for those who are complaining about the blue coin requirement, all i can say is, you should have checked the site last week when there was no such requirement. Playfish has implemented some changes however hence this additional requirement now. But I'm sure most of my loyal readers already have rooms full of cash items :) That's their reward for checking back daily. 

Sorry, really busy with my exams at the moment. Things will be better after all my exams! Can't wait.

(1st May Update) Unlock all 141 dishes!
(2nd May Update) Added Pot of Gold in the Decoration section 
Download 4 in 1.bin zip folder [link 1 | link 2]

[Click if you require full detailed steps + video tutorial]

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