Pet Society // Vacation Updated with viewable items

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Credits: PWNTHIS

Grab your vacation packages now! Enjoy a Cruise, a Desert trip or an Arabian trip. Each package consist of an amazing wallpaper, clothes, plushies. Just purchase any of the packages and a pop up as seen in the image above will appear telling you what you have purchased!

Updated with all viewable items. You can select any items individually.

Tools (download these tools in the Tools section):
  1. Download the vacation package above. 
  2. Use fiddler and replace shopFood. [Fiddler Tutorial]
    rule editor if you need it:   REGEX:(?insx).*shopFood2108\.dat$
  3. Clear cache and reload PS.
  4. Go to the ShopFood and select either petlings/grocery/magic food to see all the 3 packages. 
  5. Have a nice holiday!

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