Bar Society Coins + Exp

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Credits: eiaio@pwnthis

This game is kinda like Cafe World except it's a bar. Fairly simple typical CE scanning cheat which shouldnt take you long to execute. 

Tools (download these tools in the Tools section):
  • cheat engine
  • firefox/flock
  1. Open Cheat Engine
  2. Select browser in the process list. 
  3. Enter Bar Society [click to play]
  4. Scan settings is 4 bytes.
  5. Scan current value of coins. 
  6. Spend some or earn some coins. 
  7. NEXT scan new value of coins. 
  8. Repeat steps 5-7 till you have only 1 address left.
  9. Double click the address and it will show up in the Memory Table. (the table that shows Frozen, Description, Address, Type, Value) 
  10. Change the value to 999999 
  11. Tick FROZEN.
  12. Note: Now start purchasing all the expensive items. You have to purchase the items now as the coins will return to the normal value when you REFRESH the game.
  13. You can do the same for EXP, but similarly, it is only to make the higher level drinks as exp reverts to normal after refresh.
Advice from Potch13:
  1. Ok, for those having trouble with step 8, let's assume you have 10,000 coins. So you scan 10000.
  2. Spend like 200coins and you have 9800 left. So look through the addresses (assuming you only have a few) and find 1 with the value 9800. This is the address you want. 
  3. This method gets more difficult if you have more addresses, I would still recommend you to do a Next Scan till 1 address remain as it's really fairly simple to do a next scan.

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