Candy Shop Cheats // Coins, Bucks & Level

Click to play Candy Shop [ play now ]

Required Tools [Download these tools | Tool's Tutorial ]:
  • Charles
  • Firefox
Credits: jonjon7@elite.pvper

  1. Play Candy Shop [ play now ]
  2. Open Charles
  3. Level up to level 2.
  4. In Charles, find the line ""
  5. Expand it > Expand 'amfphp' 
  6. You will see alot of gateway.php(CandyShop.remote)
  7. Right click any of these gateway.php and select "Breakpoints"
  8. Refresh Candy Shop
  9. A breakpoint tab will appear in Charles.
  10. Click Execute ONCE.
  11. You will now see a Edit Response tab
  12. Click AMF
  13. Edit Bucks (cash) to 88888
  14. Edit Coins (normal coins) to about 2 million. Don't make too high as it's pointless to be so rich.
  15. Edit XP (level) to 237000 which will make you level 75. (warning, you will get 75 popups and you have to click them 1 by 1)
  16. Now, click the Session1 tab 
  17. Find that line earlier where you added a breakpoint. Just select breakpoint again to remove it.
  18. Click back to the breakpoints tab and EXECUTE.
  19. Now, the game will continue loading and you have your new level, coins, bucks.
  20. Start spending. Spend now as bucks and coins will NOT be saved. Items purchased will be saved though.
  21. Only Level will be saved.  (note: experience points is not saved but level is saved, weird i know :p)

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