Starcraft 2 - Outmatched 1v4 AI Glitch Patch 1.1

While trying to unlock several of the Starcraft 2 Outmatched Achievements, I found a bug which is extremely useful in winning 1v4 Very Hard AI. Obviously, with this method, you can also win 1v4 Insane AI. But as there is no achievements for winning 1v4 Insane AI, why bother? :p

Anyway, this glitch is still working for the Latest Patch 1.1 and is obviously for people with an Original Copy of Starcraft 2 as I believe the pirated/cracked game does NOT save achievements.

Alrite, so those trying to unlock 1v4 Outmatched Very Hard AI, follow these steps:
  1. Go to Multiplayer > Custom Game > Create a Game
  2. Choose the Map "Burning Tide"   (The idea of this map is to get 15,000 minerals before the computer)
  3. In the map settings, change the Category from 'Melee' to 'Custom'
  4. Now just add 4 other AI.
  5. Select PROTOSS as YOUR race.
  6. Select Very Hard and ZERG as the 4 AI's race.
  7. Once the game starts, keep building probes.
  8. At 8 supply, build a pylon.
  9. Always chronoboost when it is available! It spawns your probes a lot faster. So just keep making probes, mining and you will unlock this achievement.

    - You will have TWO other expansions. So a total of 3 base at the end.
    - The entire game only required 4 pylons in total.
    - Each base should only have 21 probes MAX 1 base will have 20 probes as 4 pylons are built
    - Now, this glitch is...... The 4th AI that is supposed to be your enemy... is COUNTED as your ally. So you get his minerals score too. Therefore it's like a 2v3 but when you win the game, you unlock the 1v4 Very Hard AI achievement. Have fun :p 
Check the screenshot to see what you are doing wrongly. Coz it definitely works. Click on image to enlarge view. 

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