City of Wonder // How to gift yourself 100000 gifts

Required Tools [Download these tools | Tool's Tutorial ]:
  •  Fiddler (to get the gifts)
  • Charles (to repeat the gifting)
  • Brains (to figure out how to use fiddler and charles)
Credits to for the steps, not the idea. coz i think it was someone else who actually commented about this method of multiple gifting

Read this first:
I have given you guys clues in multiple item gifting a few days ago. But seems like I am still getting a lot of comments on how to multiple gift yourself those awesome premium gifts. Well, as someone was hardworking enough to write out the steps, I'm just gonna use his steps. I did ask you guys to read the comments as certain stuff should not be posted as it will definitely get patched.. But... I guess lots of people are too lazy to read the comments, so here you go.

To all members, this tutorial requires:
- Firefox (i recommend)
- Knowledge of the Fiddler and Charles Proxy (and of course the two must already installed and ready to use)
- The id of item you want to gift must be in the text file already.

This procedure helps you to gift your self hundreds of same gift to one account using single account..: (for example the Aristotle - that make your current research done.)

1. Login your secondary account. Set up the
2. Then go to your City Of Wonder. Go to the "Gift" page..
3. Find the name of your primary account (of course your 2nd account must be friend with your main account, duh!) but don't send the gift yet!!!
4. Now, close the Fiddler. (just close it nothing to uncheck or whatsoever just CLOSE it..!!).
5. Next, open Charles Proxy, wait till it become ready. (because it has a 10 seconds delay, right?)
6. Then, send the gift. Go to
7. Look for > socialciv > fb > gift.
8. Right click on the "gift" folder (no need to expand the "gift"), Click "Repeat Advanced..".
9. Put "500" for  "Iterations" then put "10" on "Concurrency". That's it..!
10. Close Charles first, Then Open Fiddler, Clear Cache and Uncheck the "Enable automatic..." and "Permit passthrough."
11. Disable Fiddler on
12. Logout your secondary account and Login your primary account (the one you send the gifts)
13. You will see that there's only one Gift Request but don't worry just accept that. Then in your City Of Wonder you will see in your gift box that you obtain the gifts you sent.. It's easy right?

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