Pet Society // Coin Cheat, Fertiliser, 49days battery

Download required files [ upload | megaupload ] // choose your preferred download link

Required Tools [Download these tools | Tool's Tutorial ]:
* download required files above
* fiddler2
* chrome/firefox

Credits: GamesCheats10
  1. Download Database from the links above. You will need winRAR (tools section) to extract the .dat files out. There are 2 files.
  2. Open fiddler and replace shopMystery and Database.dat . The rule editor are as required
  3. Reload Pet Society. If replaced correctly, the lines will be highlighted.
  4. Now just visit the Mystery shop and you will be able to purchase the fertilizers, pegasus and 49 day battery.

How does Coin Cheat work?
  1. Purchase the Pegasus Petling (1000coins)
  2. Purchase the instant growth. (5 coin)
  3. Feed the pegasus with the growth potion.
  4. Sell the grown pegasus for 1980 coins.
  5. Keep doing that till you have enough coins. It's tough, but it's easier than visiting your neighbors.

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