Zynga Cheats // Texas HoldEm Poker Glitch

Credits: ReTsEhC0401

Simple steps:

  1. Log in your FB account.
  2. Click this REWARD LINK : http://apps.facebook.com/texas_holdem/invite_gift_claim.php?gift_send=256:1:100000467657585&invGift=256&specialGift=miss&src_track_str=Poker+%25CLIENT_SN%25+Lobby+Invite+%25ACTION%25+i:SpecialMiss:LockSendSingle:2010-04-02&zysendkey=117d634 
  3. After clicking it.... (You should see 2,500... 7,000... or WHATEVER amount). 
  4. Just refresh the link again.
  5. Keep refreshing until you see this picture .

  6. When you see that picture.... Well, just wait until the next day to GET CHIPS AGAIN by clicking that REWARD LINK!!


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