Farmville Cheats // 200 FVcash for free

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Required Tools [Download these tools | Tool's Tutorial ]:
  • Charles
  • Firefox

  1. This cheat is best done on a new account unless your Farmville have NOT allowed email notifications.
  2. Basically, just go to Market, Decorations, Others and check if the 'Carrier Pigeons' is locked. (see image)
  3. If it is locked, Congrats! This cheat will definitely work for you IF you follow my instructions carefully. For those that has already allow emails, you will just have to create a new Facebook account and a new Farmville account to get this free 200 FVcash OR
    Go To account-> application setting-> find farmville and edit setting that un-click share your email.
  4. Those creating a new account, remember to NOT ALLOW email notifications at the start. (see image)
  5. Okay, now let's get the cheat started.
  6. Open Charles.
  7. Open the market in Farmville and go to Decorations and find the carrier pigeons.
  8. Check Charles and you should see the line '' (ignore the number).
  9. Expand it and you should see 'flashservices/'
    This cheat is from
  10. Right click flashservices and select breakpoints.
  11. Now click on 'Allow Emails' at the carrier pigeons icon.
  12. Farmville will have 3 pop-ups. Click update, Allow, Okay.
  13. Charles should also pop up with a breakpoint tab.
  14. Click on the Edit Request tab and AMF.
  15. Expand 'params' and change the word 'pigeon' to consume_cash_7eleven_200

  16. Execute 2 times, disable breakpoint at the flashservices.
  17. Refresh farm. You should see the 200 FVcash in your gift box. If you followed my steps correctly, you should get it. If you did something wrong, you probably won't get it. Watch my video first :)

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