Tellywood // Coins & Items Cheats

Be your own director. Make your own movie. Cast your own superstars!

Download required files
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Required Tools [Download these tools | Tool's Tutorial ]:
  • required files above
  • fiddler2
  • firefox
Credits: Wero_Mario@FBTrucos
  1. Download required files above.
  2. Open Fiddler2.
  3. Go to Autoresponder. Check the options "Enable automatic responses" And "Permit passthrough for unmatched requests".
  4. Click ADD.
  5. Select the line that appears and change the "StringToMatch" to
  6. In the textfield beside the save button, select Find A File and browser to the item_master.xml that you have just downloaded from

  7. Now just clear your browser cache..
  8. Enter Tellywood and go to customize.
  9. You should see all the items at only $1.
  10. For coin cheat, purchase a lot of Sydney Opera House as you can sell it for 30MILLION (when the cheat is de-activated)

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