Farmville Cheats // Get Unlimited Mules

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Required Tools [Download these tools | Tool's Tutorial ]:
  • Charles
  • Firefox

Credits: Rami
Saw his comments a couple of days back but kinda forgot to post this up. Just tested it today and it still works so hereee you gooooooooo.
  1. Enter Farmville and Open Charles. (it shd be auto recording activities in firefox).
  2. Go to Market and purchase a haybale.
  3. Do NOT place it in your farm yet.
  4. Go to Charles, find the line ""  (the number does not matter).
  5. Expand it and right click on "flashservices/".
  6. Select Breakpoints.
  7. Now back in Farmville, place the haybay in your farm..
  8. Wait a while and Charles should pop up with the Breakpoint tab..
  9. Click Edit Request..
  10. Click AMF and expand 'param'..
  11. Change itemName to mule 
  12. Check that isGift is false..
  13. Click execute TWO TIMES.
  14. Right click flashservices/ and select breakpoints again to remove the breakpoint.
  15. Refresh farmville and you shd see the MULE in place of the HAY.
  16. Watch the video if you cant follow my steps..

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