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Hi Guys,

Standard Chartered is looking for the World's Coolest Intern and you can HELP me to be the COOLEST by clicking SHARE at the bottom of this post.

I would be extremely appreciative if everyone could just click on the SHARE links and basically share this post with all your friends. Thanks!

I am applying for this awesome position of the 'World's Best Intern' and where can you find a job that allows you to play with social media tools all day long and get awesome remuneration in return! It's nearly 23K USD for 6 months.

So do me a favour please, and share this post on your facebook, twitter, digg it, blog this on your blog, anything that links your friends/acquaintances/enemies to this post would give me a chance of getting shortlisted.

So watch the short video for my application to be the World Coolest Intern! (content wise is kinda..... errrr but ya just SHARE NOW! THANK YOU! )

For more information about this job application, visit them at (

Ignore the subtitles!! =x Typo galore!

So why do I think I can be the World's Coolest Intern?
  1. I sleep with social media tools. Everyday I have to use these tools to increase awareness of my site. And today, just barely 1 year later, this site has an Alexa Ranking of below 90,000
  2. I'm so tech savvy, I learn new technologies in a Breeze (pun intended) 
  3. I am buried to my neck with all the social media tools that I am using. Twitter, Facebook, BuzzFeed, Digg, Youtube, LinkedIn, Flickr

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