DragonLand Exp and Coins Cheats

Play DragonLand / DragonAdventure [ play now ]

Required Tools [Download these tools | Tool's Tutorial ]:
  • Charles Proxy
  • Firefox/Chrome
  • Watch my video tutorial as it's difficult to explain :p 

 Credits: ReTsEhC0401@pwnthis.net

  1. Enter DragonLand [ play now ].
  2. Open Charles.
  3. In DragonLand, fight a boss that you can win 100%. Try bosses that are your current level or lower. You will need to win them in a single fight.
  4. After winning the fight, look in Charles for the line ""http://dragonlandonline.com"
  5. Expand the line dragonlandonline.com > Expand api/ 
  6. You should see a lot of "restserver.php?........"
  7. We must now find the correct line. Select the last few lines of restserver.php..., 
  8. Click Response tab.
    You got this cheat from
  9. Click on Text tab and find a line that ends with "addExp":XXXX}  (XXXX is any digits).
  10. Once you have found this line, just right click this restserver.php.... and select Repeat Advanced.
  11. Iterations: 10000 Concurrency 10.
  12. Now just click OK in the game. 
  13. Fight the same boss again. You have to win the boss again.
  14. Do NOT click 'OK' when you won the fight.
  15. Repeat step 4-11 again. 
  16. Now, just let the iterations complete their runs. 
  17. Reload the game... If charles gave you any problem during the loading, just close it like what I did in my video. You should see your new level now... It's kinda difficult to explain in words, so just watch the video CAREFULLY and do NOT miss out any crucial steps in the video below.
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