Catch A Killer // CSI Style game

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It's in the Top 10 of latest Facebook games for this week.

Do you like watching CSI ? Ever imagine that you are a detective? Played Ace Attorney on your DS Lite?
Well, then you will love this detective, clue finding game in Facebook!

About Catch A Killer

Law Enforcement officials fear that there may be as many as 50 active serial killers in the United States. The FBI needs you and your friends to help, using the power of Facebook.

In James Patterson’s: Catch a Killer, you’re the detective on a thrilling chase to stop murderers before they claim their next victim. Team up with Alex Cross and your friends to search crime scenes, discover evidence, and interrogate suspects.

Ripped from the bestselling novels of James Patterson, America’s #1 thriller author, comes the first Facebook game of its kind. Step into the mind of a monster and unlock the secrets behind each murder. It’s up to you to Catch A Killer.


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