CityVille Cheats // "Unlimited" Items

UPDATE: DOES NOT WORK FOR +5 ENERGY. So use it on other items. Do NOT use +5 energy

Download required files [ download ] // wait for timer, click download, click download again. Any issues try it on another browser before commenting.

Required Tools [Download these tools | Tool's Tutorial ]:
  • Logical Thinking
  • Download required file from the link above
  • 5 dummy Accounts would be the fastest way. If you do not have 5, you can still do it but it will be a lot slower and a lot more tiring. If you have 10 spare accounts, it will be super fast for you. I did mine on 5 dummy accounts, so my steps will be on 5 dummy.
  1. Download required files from the links
  2. You will see the various links for the different item in the text
  3. Log in your MAIN facebook account. The account that you want to have all the
  4. Open at least 12 tabs and paste the links of the items that you want in the 12 tabs. (You can open more tabs, but if you have a slow computer, the browser may crash)
  5. Now select the 5 dummy nicks in all the 12 tabs. Do NOT click SEND until you have selected all the 5 nicks in all the 12
  6. Once all the 5 dummy nicks have been selected in all the 12 tabs, you can start clicking SEND HELP
  7. Then click SEND for all the 12
  8. Now, you will have log into the 5 dummy accounts and accept all the requests. Once all requests in all 5 accounts have been accepted, log into your main account and you should see all the items in your inventory. As shown in my screenshot, I only took 5 minutes to gain that many gold_plating. You can easily get more by opening more tabs or more windows so that the browser will not crash.
  9. Have fun expanding. If you screw up, you can only repeat the cheat to the 5 dummy accounts 24hours later.

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