CityVille // Coins version 2

Update: CVBot 1.5 (uninstall older versions of Bot first!) 

Required Tools [Download these tools | Tool's Tutorial ]:
  • Download Coins2 [download] // wait for timer, click download, click download again. Any issues try it on another browser before commenting.  
  • Download Plugin version 21 [ download ]  // Download this if the bot is not working well for you. Use the Downloaded Coins2 and not the coins2 in this plugin v21.
  • Firefox/Chrome
  • Download the require files above and extract the folder 'Coins2' to your installed CityVilleBot PLUGIN folder (Default is C:\Program Files\CityVilleBot\Plugins)
  • Cityville Bot v1.5 [download]
Credits: blackjack4494

  1. Place empty business plots (put the maximum you can place)
  2. Start the bot, set number of cycles (same number of plots you placed in step 1)
  3. Press Save.
  4. Watch your money increase.
If you do not know what files to replace or if the bot is not working well for you, visit this link to get a clearer steps on how the bot works. [ Link ]

     It definitely works as it is the same idea of planting buildings then selling it. You get 100k per cycle. If there is any error with the bot, just log in the game manually and sell all the pearl towers then start from step 1 again.

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