CityVille // Buildings Cheat

I would recommend making community buildings as no materials is required to complete it. I gained 6400 population easily using a bus station.

Download required files [ download ] // wait for timer, click download, click download again. Any issues try it on another browser before commenting.

Required Tools [Download these tools | Tool's Tutorial ]:
  • Download unreleased building names text file 
  • Charles Proxy
  • Firefox/Chrome

 I have a unreleased bus terminal :p It gives me +6400 population \o/ No materials required to make it.



1. Open Charles Proxy.
2. Enter Cityville and wait until the game is fully loaded..
3. In Charles Proxy, find the line

 http:/ / *

4. Expand the folder and find another one named:

5. You should see gateway.php(BaseService.dispatchBatch)Right click and select "BreakPoints."

6. The Cityville breakpoint is ready now.

7. Enable/Disable the breakpoints with the hexagonal red buttom in the charles proxy menu. We recomended that you disable the breakpoint now.  (Enabled = button pressed down. Disabled = button not pressed)

Part 2

1. Purchase an empty lot (In business) and place it in your city. Have a dummy account to request opening a business on that empty lot.

2. Turn on Breakpoint in Charles and accept the franchise  (Just press the red button)

4. In "Edit Request" > "AMF" > find "params", edit "resourceType" to the item you want, let's say, mun_busterminal

5. If the RecipientID & SenderId are "string reference", change them to "string"

6. Change the SenderId to your own ID, which is the Recipient ID. (Basically, just copy the value of Recipient ID and paste it in the SenderID)

7. Execute the Request, Turn Breakpoint off, wait a few seconds, refresh
If you do not see the building, refresh the game again and you should see it. If you still see the empty plot of land, you have done something wrong. Try it again and follow the steps carefully.

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