Miscrits: World of Adventure

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I'm sure you have played Pokemon at least once during your childhood. Miscrits is pretty similar to pokemon where you control your character with a Miscrit, catch more Miscrits and level up while following the story line.

As your Miscrits level up, they gain new awesome skills that you can use on your enemies. You can heal your Miscrits in town and also train them to be stronger. To level up your Miscrits, you have to fight and gain "training points" which can be used in town. You will require more training points as your Miscrits reach a higher level.

Miscrits gain new skills every 3 levels and will evolve to be fiercer and stronger every 10 levels. There is only 3 elements at the moment: Fire, Water or Nature. Fire attacks do more damage to Nature Miscrits, Nature has a bonus against Water, and Water has a bonus against Fire, so the choice of Miscrit during a battle is critical and can entirely change the outcome of a battle.

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