CSI: Crime City Coins Funding Cheat

Required Tools [Download these tools | Tool's Tutorial ]:

CSI: Crime City Funding Money Coins Cheat

  1. Open Charles.
  2. Enter CSI: Crime City [play now
  3. Level up in CSI.
  4. In Charles, you will see the line 'http://www.csifacebook.com'
  5. Expand it and you will see several flash_gateway.php
  6. Find the flash_gateway.php with the word "rewardFunding" (see image below)
  7. Right click this flash_gateway and select "Repeat Advanced"
  8. 1000 iterations and 10 concurrency will get you 1million coins in just a couple of minutes. 
  9. Once 1000 iterations is done, refresh the game and enjoy your coins. Have fun with your cheats!


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