Garden World // Coins Cheat

Credits: b0yn0@pwnthis
This is a refreshable/savable coin cheat. Check out the earlier post for EXP where max level is 50.

Tools (download tools in the Tools section):
  • cheat engine
  • flash 9 only! (value will not appear if you're not using flash 9) 
  • firefox
  1. Go into Garden World (click to play)
  2. Sell an item in Garden World
  3. Open Cheat Engine (8bytes, Hex, ASROM)
  4. Scan "0ff2e4558b74488b" (flash 9 only!)
  5. 1 address returned. Right click > Disassemble
  6. You will see the line 'mov edx,[ebp-1c]
  7. Right click this line and select 'Toggle BreakPoint"
  8. Note: this step will make browser and game to freeze so read finish the steps now.
    Now in Garden World, sell an item. The game/browser will freeze
  9. Back to cheat engine, change the value of ECX to "00FFFFFF"
    (ECX is on the top right, registers section)
  10. Right click the line and select Toggle Breakpoint again
  11. Click Debug > Run
  12. The game will now unfreeze and you will have 17millions worth of coins. Sell/buy an item to save the game.


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