Pet Society // Coins Cheat

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Updated for 2109 database.
Seems like some of you are still lacking in coins and that the previous 1 was no longer working with the latest database. So here you go.
Credits to Danixxa

Tools (download these tools in the Tools section):

  1. Download the files above.
  2. Using fiddler, replace database.dat and ShopMystery2108.dat  [Fiddler Tutorial on replacing files]
  3. Clear Cache and reload Pet Society.
  4. If replaced correctly, you will see the new items in the shopmystery.
  5. For coins cheat, go to Mystery Shop, click on the pink throne and it will ask if you want to purchase a win or lose box at 150coins. Return home and open those boxes and the Pink Thrones will appear which you can sell for 999coins each.

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