Country Story // exp & coins cheat version 2 (working as at 5th jan 2010)

 Credits: lauta and dfspet@cheats09

Tools (all tools can be found in the Tool section):
  • cheat engine 5.5
  • firefox
  • mouse recorder
  1. Go into Country Story (play)
  2. Earn some coins by selling your harvest. Water some plants.
  3. Open cheat engine (array of bytes, hex, ASROM)
  4. Scan "03 C1 8B 8F 80 00 00 00 89 5D"
  5. 1 address. Disassemble and change "add eax, ecx" to "add eax, edx"
  6. Back in cheat engine, new scan (8bytes, hex, ASROM)
  7. Scan "000000EC8889CA2B"
  8. 1 address. Disassemble and change "sub ecx, edx" to "sub edx, edx"
  9. Back in cheat engine, new scan (4bytes)
  10. Scan current amount of water
  11. Water a seed. Next scan new amount of water till 1 address remain
  12. Freeze the address.
  13. Use a mouse recorder to continuously click on watering the seed to earn exp and coins. 
  14. Go sleep. Wake Up. Save the game. Enjoy new coins and exp.
    watch the video if unclear. Note: stamina need to be freeze too.

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