Starcraft 2 - Wings of Liberty, Storm of the imperial sanctum

Dota Style Map in Starcraft 2 :O How will it fare?

A hugely awaited game by Blizzard has just been launched. A few of my friends have gotten the game and are gashing to me how great it is. As I have played Starcraft before, I can say this is a huge improvement with much better quality graphics (obviously, Starcraft 1 was eons ago), better gameplay and awesome cutscenes!

I believe in a move to combat piracy, Blizzard has removed the LAN functions in Starcraft 2. So you can only play on Battle.Net. This means that you will not be able to play SC2 on Garena or any LAN emulators =p

The following video is an introduction to Storm of The Imperial Sanctum. A DOTA inspired map. There will be people who will like Storm of the Imperial Sanctum and obviously people who will hate it too (probably HON and DOTA lovers) But do view the game with a open heart and remember it is still by Blizzard, the same people who brought to you WarCraft.

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