Warstorm in Facebook

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For all you card game lovers, Facebook has it's own card game. Pretty much like Magic: The gathering. Get your own deck of cards and play against your friends. First person to run out of lives, lose the game.

You start with a human race deck. Slowly unlock other races such as elves, orcs, undead. Pretty much like Warcraft xD. Start playing Warstorm with your friends!

Equip your heros with units.
You can choose from high health or high damage units. Some units have special abilities such as regeneration, retaliation or poison. Try to mix units often as different missions require different units.

When you win fights, you unlock new cards. With the coins you win, you can purchase new decks of cards.

Some tips to note: Some missions has quick spawn units. Try to use units with a lower Hourglass value to spawn quick too. This avoids losing too much health waiting for your cards to spawn.

If your opponent has high damage, try using cards that trap and prevent your opponent from damaging you. Many different strategies for you to slowly try out.


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