Bola Cheats // Coins and EXP cheat

Click to Play BOLA [ play now ]

Required Tools [Download these tools | Tool's Tutorial ]:
  • Charles Proxy Debugging
  • Firefox
Credits: Gory1963@fullelectronicanet

Soccer fans rejoice. This is a working exp and coin cheat for BOLA. A soccer game by Playdom who also brought to your Social City, Market Street, Fanglies and many more other awesome games.

Steps. by.
  1. Open Charles Proxy (make sure it is recording activities on firefox. By default, it will record automatically)
  2. Enter BOLA. Link to play this game at the top of this post.
  3. Click Play > Play with Friends > Challenge a Friend.
  4. You will need to be playing in your own League as that allows you unlimited play time unlike the other 2 tabs which has a limit of 3 games. Therefore, make your own league and invite your friends!  
  5. Just complete 1 game.
  6. Look in the Charles Proxy and find the line ""
  7. Expand it and you should see the line "bola (CreateLeagueChallenge)"
    Note: If you see any other Challenge, you have did step 4 wrongly.
  8. Now, find another line "bola (FinishMatch)"
  9. If you lost the match, just right click and select edit. Click on the AMF tab and change the score so that you won the match.
  10. Now select both "CreateLeagueChallenge" and "FinishMatch" (ctrl + left click on them)
  11. Both lines will now be highlighted in blue. Right click and select Repeat
  12. Iterations 1000, Concurrency 30 (you can use lower values if you are afraid of getting banned) 
  13. Now just let them load finish and when you refresh your game, you will see your new exp and coins.

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