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Alright, as many of you were asking for the Starcraft 2 installer, this is the official installer you get from Battlenet. You WILL NEED a bnet account [ website] and a valid GAMEKEY. If any of your friends purchased the Starcraft 2 game, they will be given 2 Guest Accounts GameKey. You can use these game key to play with your friends on battlenet. They only last 7 hours or 2 weeks whichever come first. Still pretty good for a trial. Obviously there are ways to bypass this login screen such as cracks and what-nots, but I will not be posting such information as I do not want Blizzard to come knocking on my door =D

This is a real actual Starcraft 2 installer for South East Asia. Meaning if you want to play on USA bnet severs, you will not be able play. Somehow US version and SEA version differs so make sure you know which version your friends are playing on.With your friend's guest account, you can even "play as guest". Just remember to log out of the bnet account when playing as guest so that it does not eat away your hours. You can play AI skirmish this way.

Now, you may be wondering why is the game installer so light (3mb). This is because you will STILL NEED to download the game from Blizzard. Just double click the installer and you will be prompted to install the setup files on your computer. Then it will automatically start downloading the files from Blizzard server. It will take you about 6-8 hours depending on how fast your connection is. It took me bout 6hours+ on a cable connection.

Remember, this is only the game installer. You will need a Battle Net Account with Starcraft 2 added to your game management list in order to play on bnet. You can still play the game's campaign for free if you know what to do but I will not be teaching you how to crack it. Google is your friend.

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