Baking Life Cheats // Coin/Money Cheat

Click to play Baking Life [ play now ]

Required Tools [Download these tools | Tool's Tutorial ]:
  • Cheat Engine (any version is fine)
  • Firefox (select plugin-container.exe in CE)
  • Chrome (select the 3rd chrome in CE)


  1. Play Baking Life. [ play now ]
  2. Open Cheat Engine
  3. Scan any item price you want to cheat.
    (For example I cheated Water Table : Price = 7750)
  4. Scan 7750
  5. A few addresses returned.
  6. Select all the addresses (Shift-click) 
  7. Click on the red arrow (watch video if you do not know which arrow)
  8. All the addresses will show up in the CE table.
  9. Select all, right click and select Change record > Value. 
  10. Change to 1.
  11. In baking life, just scroll to another item page then back to the Water Table page. The price is now 1 coin.
  12. Buy a few of it and put in your shop
  13. Once done, select these Tables and click "Put away"
  14. Now back to your CE.
  15. Change the value for all the addresses to 9999999 or lower if you are afraid of getting caught.
  16. Now try selling those Water Table. You will get a huge amount of coins doing this. Remember to Save each time you sell a Table to avoid error.
  17. Watch the video as it is difficult to write in steps. 

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