Fashion World Cheats // Coins Money Cheat

Click to play Fashion World. [play now]

Required Tools [Download these tools | Tool's Tutorial ]:
  • cheat engine
  • firefox
Credits: Gory1963

[play now
  1. Enter Fashion World.
  2. Open Cheat Engine and select plugin-container.exe if you are using the latest version of firefox in the process list.
  3. Let's say we want to cheat the price for the green door, purchase as many green door as you can with your current amount of money.
  4. Scan the price of the green door now.
    (For example I cheated the green door: Price = 2500)
  5. Scan 2500
  6. A few addresses returned.
  7. Select all the addresses (Left click first address then shift-left click last address to select all) 
  8. Click on the red arrow (watch video if you do not know which arrow)
  9. All the addresses will show up in the CE table.
  10. Select all, right click and select Change record > Value. 
  11. Change to 10000000 (too high value may crash your flash).
  12. In Fashion World, just scroll to another item page then back to the Green door page. The price is now 100000000 coins.
  13. Sell all the green door that you have on hand. You will be rich now.
  14. Watch the video as it is difficult to write in steps.

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